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SELF-AFFIRMATION – Participants are asked to describe a positive personal quality of behavior. Did they do something for someone else or themselves that they feel good about? Assists to identify the “good” in each person that is important for building self-esteem.

The Four-Part Meeting/Clearing is based on a form of meeting developed by the philosophies of Virginia, Satir, Dorothy Stoneman, John Bell, William Glasser and Harvey Jackins.

STRESSES AND CONCERNS – Participants express any problems, concerns or areas of pain and conflict they may be experiencing. Feedback is offered based on speaker’s experience. Strategies are developed to address concern.

MAKING A PLAN – Each participant shares a positive specific action to be completed by next meeting. Practice for setting goals that are practical and realistic.

REFLECTION- A brief period of silence to meditate, contemplate all that has occurred during the meeting. A poem or story may be read that has a life lesson.

The Clearing

Clearing provides a way for each participant to speak any unsaid ideas, feelings. Final thoughts.

    Benefits of participating in a Healing Community Network Meeting:

  • Personal growth and development
  • Re-affirm sense of self-worth and strengthening family relationships
  • Letter of support/reassurance
  • Re-entry assistance
  • Anger Management Workshops

Meeting Locations

HCN has support groups at six prisons serving 465 men and women, and four community based support groups serving – 70 men and women.

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