our history

The Network Program is changing its name to Healing Communities Network to better reflect the purpose and mission of the program.

The Network Program has a 32 year history in New York State. Network was in 30 correctional facilities and four New York City communities. A 2009 evaluation reported a recidivism rate of 7% compared to the New York State average of 36%.

The purpose of the Healing Communities Network Program is to raise the self-esteem of people in prison so that they would be better able to address the challenges facing them inside and upon release. The Four Part Meeting is the cornerstone of the program.

The program's intention is to see men and women in the program inside move on to the re-entry phase, where they would attend the same meetings on the outside, thus making it easier to make the transition into a community. The community support meetings are very useful to the formerly incarcerated in adjusting to parole officers, their new role in their families, their search for employment and adjustment to the burdens of freedom.

Over the years the Network Program had several sharp ups and downs in funding, but always managed to come back and continue to do the same basic work of advance preparation for parole release years ahead of participants' initial parole appearances, and then supplementing that work by helping participants integrate into society after release.

Network is starting a new chapter in its history as Healing Communities Network.